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Smart, sure of herself, helpful, organized. A Valorie is extremely cute, she is the kind of friend to have, she is able to assess things clearly and knows exactly how to solve any problem. You can always count on a Valorie.
Got a problem, call a Valorie and she will help you find a solution.
by precious1nil February 03, 2010
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Valorie is smart, funny, and caring. She is always thinking of others, never of herself. She is selfless, and has the biggest heart ever. Just don't get on her bad side. She will make you pay if you do. She loves hard and cares even harder. She is also a beatiful girl. She has the prettiest smile and the sexiest body. She also carries an innocence about her that appeals to others. Valorie is the epitome of someone you would want by your side. Always.
"You seen Valorie?"
"Yes, she is so sweet, and caring."

"I need to get a girl like Valorie."
by VGirlWal January 10, 2017
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Beautiful, sure of herself, hates drama, and seductive. The type of girl you want to be with. Cannot get more loyal than a Valorie. But dont get on her bad side she will throw shade and make you regret it.
Did you see valorie? She's so beautiful!
by Karen loid January 23, 2017
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