A really nice boy very handsome. If you'll met him he's problely taken but wait for him and get your chace. Don't say anything bad about him until you know him your first impression about him will be that he's a player but he is more like romeo
Vale is such a cutieee
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by lolygirlypoppy December 28, 2016
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The guy that looks at Netflix the whole class. Don’t take his iPad away. Or worse, his headset. He will explode.
«Våle, give me your iPad»
«NEVEEEERRR!!!!» screaming, while running into a wall
by GeneralWaffle June 11, 2018
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Aquela amiga especial com uma piscina que toda a gente gosta
"Hey! Já viste a Duvale?"
"Sim! O coração dela é tão grande como a sua piscina!"
by Campinho May 30, 2020
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Vale is also another word for big fat slut a lot of ppl mistake Vale to be vigina but no a Vale wants you to cum in her vigina
It’s a Vale run she’s gonna fuck our men!
by Fwvvale October 17, 2019
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