1)Words said when not wearing pants.
2)What you do when you fuck up something.
1)Hey! Tim look down.
2)OMG look up in that window that girl has a sign saying look down.
3)Aww fuck dude everything was going good until i looked down.
by MR. NA November 21, 2004
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What some people call someone when they don't know there name.
Hey Mr. Looking down.
by Deep blue 2012 February 12, 2010
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A situation where a penis is quickly drawn on the lower quadrant of a white board. Chalk boards cannot be used.
Josh was reading a Haiku on the white board, but as he looked down the board his eyes fell upon a dry erase marker drawn shlong.

It was too late before Brian could say "Don't Look Down".
by Winfrey47 June 27, 2013
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You're looking a bit down... syndrome possibly one of the most deadliest insults to man. This insult alone is capable of making a man have down syndrome. Every time somebody uses this insult the person you're insulting loses a chromosome and goes mentally fucking stupid. Caution using this insult may result in horrible results.
Remember using the "You're looking a bit down... syndrome" insult can result in bad results, Thank You!
Andrew: * Walks up to Zach *

Andrew: "Hey Zach what's up?"
Zach: "Oh I'm just kind of sad"
Andrew: "Yeah, I noticed you're looking a little down... syndrome"
Zach: * Has seizure and goes retarded *
by AndrewPeepee April 26, 2018
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When I plus size woman decides the look up effect just isnt doing its job, women of size decide to look down usually into a sleeve or certain angle to hide said woman’s rolls form appearing on camera
Person 1- “Damn she’s bad af

Person 2- “Nah she just doing the “look down effect
by Shedure Williams November 8, 2023
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