What people would call Hell; the Keydets call home. So go and drink your alcohol, party like there's no tomorrow, sleep half the day, skip class, because when the day is done we can all say this; While you were drinking, I was pushing, While you were partying, I was running, While you were asleep, I was getting hazed, While you were eating, I was getting screamed at, While you were studying, I was studying harder, While you're complaining, I'm sucking it up, pushing on. But you know what? At the end of the day, when I am exhausted from the abuse I have taken and look ahead with no end in sight, I know that you have enjoyed yourself all this time, and I can accept it. Because I know, I have taken the road less traveled. "Remember rat, This is the life you have chosen".
George Patton left VMI for westpoint because he wasn't tough enough.
by anonymous011111111 October 9, 2007
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An institution for real men, that produces such fine alumni as George C. Marshall, among others. Other military schools such as the Virginia Tech "Corp of Cadets" and The Citadel (aka Shitadel) pale in comparison. Who took down Saddam? VMI alumni did.
"Give me an army of Citadel graduates and I'll win a battle, give me a handful of VMI men and I'll win a war." - Gen. George S. Patton
by Anonymous51 August 10, 2005
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A very small military college in Virginia that: 1) is the only American college to have produced service chiefs for 3 of the 4 primary armed services (West Point, Annapolis and Air Force have not done this); 2) has produced 7 Medal of Honor winners and more than 70 Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross/Air Force Cross winners -- a number exceeded by only 2 of the 5 service academies; 3) has produced more Rhodes Scholars per graduate than any state supported school in the U.S.; 4) produced America's top Army general in WWII (who is also the only career soldier ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize) ; and 5) is the only college in the U.S. (including the service academies and the New England schools) to have produced a five star general, an Academy Award winner, a Supreme Court Justice, a Pulitzer Prize winner and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. It has 1500 students. Pound for pound, schools like Army, Navy, Harvard and Yale (and very small handful of others) have done more for our country, but when it comes to producing a unique and badly needed quality of leader, VMI has few peers.
VMI is a classic military college where all students live as cadets 24/7. Cadet life is similar to that at the Citadel and the service academies.
by Gen.Beauregard November 22, 2012
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VMI...The Nation's ONLY state military college. This is a non-disputable fact. All other "state military colleges" (ie. Norwich, Texas A&M, Citadel, Va Tech Corps of Cadets, etc.) have civilian students and cadets at the school. Imagine how "cheezy" it would be to ask a West Point, VMI, Navy, Air Force, or even Coast Guard graduate, "Were you ever a cadet?" Next time you see another state "military" school grad talking about how tough their "hard-core" school is, ask if he or she was in the cadet corps or in the day, night, undergrad, or grad civilian program!!
The unfortunate souls who have spoken negatively about VMI need to check the facts on how many medal of honor recipients, Marine Corps Commandants, rhodes scholars, and general officers (including the most four-stars and a five-star general) the little tough military college in Virginia has produced... all other "state military schools" pale in comparison. Check the endowment figures while you're at it. And for the poor sap who talked about the "loser in the bar not being in the real military," remember this after you compare all the facts, the Army Colonel who commanded the raid that captured Saddam Hussein was a VMI graduate. By the way, get a life and try not to slander the most prestigious state military college in our country.
by nas-nas November 28, 2006
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Very mediocre institute. A place where JROTC idiots who could not get into the academies go. They think they are hardcore when in fact they under perform Virginia Tech in almost every ROTC department. They are so completely consumed by their own hype up they fail to realize that they cannot connect with normal people because they are such epic tools with no social skills that could not lead a herd of cows to graze much less a military unit of any kind. Their called "Keydets" how ridiculous does that sound.

Va Tech Cadet (or any other ROTC for that matter): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at this little kid, what a joke! get a life.
by Anonymous92193752 January 2, 2011
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Virginia Metalwork Institute. A school for cadets who didn't make it into West Point. Produces an unusually high number of fail-outs who may go on to long and prosperous careers as shop teachers, metal workers, and faggots.
Dude, that gut has a VMI sticker on his Kia. I bet he is a retired shop teacher. What a douche bag.
by Big Gwynnie March 24, 2010
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Very Mediocre Institute; A place which is very adept at training officers for the Army of Northern Virginia. They train in a variety of skills including hazing and lack of communication which serve no purpose in military leadership. One day, they will successfully secede from the United States.
Hey, I hear the Sir graduated from VMI; well, I guess he will be a failure, and likely to ramble about the south.
by Johnstonian1 March 29, 2010
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