Basically The Citadel is like a prison. You can get a degree, get fucked up the ass by the administration, the barbwire is facing in, and they lock us in at night. It is a pretty small campus where the hardest people come to get an education. If you want the hardest experience of a military college you will go to the citadel. if you are a girl you will get many double standards, and will not get kicked out as easy as guys would. The only difference we have from a prison is that we can go out on the weekends and on wednesday nights, there are women here-due to a federal court decision and brigadier general mace's daughter wanted to go here, and we pay for the treatment that we get. this is not punishment, it is an education.
We can kick all other acadamies asses at so many things. come down and give it a try sometime. if you do not go to the citadel you are a pansy. Sigma Chuck.
by deez nutz April 26, 2005
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Where men go period. Not like the pussy aggies who pretend to be a military school - what a f'ing joke! The Citadel is where manhood meets mastery and only the strong survive.
I wanted not be a pussy aggie, so I went to THE CITADEL.
by Charlie Rules January 3, 2005
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The Famous South Carolina Corps of Cadets.We know of no other institution in any other state in which produces the whole man. Our exclusive process of a four class system, rigorous hazing, and bands of gold created by blood sweat and tears produces a man you will find in no other school in no other state.
Sweat parties, hanging form forth and the brace machine.
by airborne May 12, 2005
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The Citadel is and always will be the toughest military academy out there. People give it a bad name (some of it is probally fair) but it is still the hardest out there, and it takes a brave (or crazy) person to give up 4 years of their life to be here. No matter what others say, Charlie Company reigns supreme.
Some say it sucks to go to The Citadel, but it is awesome to be from The Citadel.
by Knob December 1, 2004
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The superior military college in the nation. This is where boys come to become men. The administration keeps making the school easier, so people who want to earn the ring make there years harder with JSA and Summerall Guards. If you want to deserve the ring, ignore the girls on campus. These Cadets don’t get to party as much as normal colleges but they party allot harder.
That guy that stole my girlfriend goes to The Citadel
by The special boy October 21, 2019
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A military run daycare center, that in reality, along with Virginia Tech is a bitch to VMI.
"I would take the cadets from the Citadel to win a battle, but the cadets from VMI to win a war" - Patton (if u citadel guys know who that is)
by Blood & Guts December 17, 2004
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The best senior military college. We got low moral, depression, and hoes. Fuck vmi and bravo company is full of bitches. If ya ain’t casual cat Charlie you ain’t shit!
Keydet- “I hate my life at vmi
Cultured cadet- “Well no shit, ya should’ve went to The Citadel.home of charlie company!”
Keydet- “Oh that’s facts, fuck bravo bitches!”
by CasualFratCharlie ΣC September 22, 2020
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