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VMI...The Nation's ONLY state military college. This is a non-disputable fact. All other "state military colleges" (ie. Norwich, Texas A&M, Citadel, Va Tech Corps of Cadets, etc.) have civilian students and cadets at the school. Imagine how "cheezy" it would be to ask a West Point, VMI, Navy, Air Force, or even Coast Guard graduate, "Were you ever a cadet?" Next time you see another state "military" school grad talking about how tough their "hard-core" school is, ask if he or she was in the cadet corps or in the day, night, undergrad, or grad civilian program!!
The unfortunate souls who have spoken negatively about VMI need to check the facts on how many medal of honor recipients, Marine Corps Commandants, rhodes scholars, and general officers (including the most four-stars and a five-star general) the little tough military college in Virginia has produced... all other "state military schools" pale in comparison. Check the endowment figures while you're at it. And for the poor sap who talked about the "loser in the bar not being in the real military," remember this after you compare all the facts, the Army Colonel who commanded the raid that captured Saddam Hussein was a VMI graduate. By the way, get a life and try not to slander the most prestigious state military college in our country.
by nas-nas November 28, 2006
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