its is the reawkening to life and natural love or going into a deep deepresion because of the above
i love her so much she sends me into 217
by juliejwl777 July 17, 2008
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An area in central Illinois that has the area code 217. There is more to Illinois than Chicago, and it's better. One day Chicago will break off and sink into Lake Michigan and the people will rejoice.
(Conversion in a different state that Illinois)
Random person: So where are you from?
Illinois resident: Illinois.
RP: O Chicago?
IL R: Hell no fuck Chicago. I'm from the 217.
*Illinois resident then round house the person like Chuck Norris would*
by sucksqueezebangblow August 15, 2009
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I wish I could be your life partner 🌺
Desearía poder amarte en privado, apasionadamente
You are beautiful, never doubt who God made you to be
Rezo para que ella te ame como te mereces, en todas las formas que necesitas 🙏
Praying for guidance for us both...
217...on this journey, together 💞☯️
by Wanderlust_127 March 14, 2023
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You knew I would have to respond…

You are like a mystery man with beautiful words and an amazing heart filled with love for your lady ❤️
What is it that you want?

Your beautiful lady, I imagine?

Is there anything I can do to help make this happen for you? We have both been on here for awhile and I would be willing to assist if I can:)

The love you have for her… is breathtaking! What every woman wants… she is one lucky lady!!!
Another Question for you: what are your favorite type of M&M’s? See the connection M&M’s and mystery man:) I would guess you like Carmel filled… am I correct?

217… you want to respond… just do it:) like Nike
by 4-u February 26, 2023
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I’ll do it

… I said it

I am such a good listener:)

Just starting you shaking your head early:)
by 4-u February 26, 2023
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I have mentioned how much I love your beautiful words…
How about telling your and your beautiful lady’s story using those beautiful words?
You said you would do what I ask:)
What’s the worst thing you do… not respond.
Wouldn’t be the first time.. I say that with love btw… still have learned not to cry if you don’t respond…
You do have a few out there still waiting for a response.

I have sent the cat away btw
by 4-u February 26, 2023
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