its is the reawkening to life and natural love or going into a deep deepresion because of the above
i love her so much she sends me into 217
by juliejwl777 July 17, 2008
An area in central Illinois that has the area code 217. There is more to Illinois than Chicago, and it's better. One day Chicago will break off and sink into Lake Michigan and the people will rejoice.
(Conversion in a different state that Illinois)
Random person: So where are you from?
Illinois resident: Illinois.
RP: O Chicago?
IL R: Hell no fuck Chicago. I'm from the 217.
*Illinois resident then round house the person like Chuck Norris would*
by sucksqueezebangblow August 15, 2009
217 is the room number of the most haunted room in the Stanley hotel.
Shane Dawson: What if I told you we are staying at the Stanley Hotel in room 217
Morgan Adams: I want to be dragged across the hallway
by ghostiegirl May 22, 2020
when someone buys you food you can't be mean to them for the rest of the day
joe:*buys fries
bill:"fuck you"
joe:*gives fries to bill* "rule 217"
by cheeseman2345 June 3, 2017
the room from stephen king's the shining, in the movie some idiot forgot the number and changed it to 237.
to get cabin fever, like the guy in the shining did and get angry at people in the building
a room that has something gross in it(in the book it had a decomposing cadaver)
danny? yes o'halloran? don't go into room 217
oh shit, the cat left a real room 217 situation in there!
yeah dane went real room 217 on us last night, he broke the switch controller when we were playing smash
by armageddon ham February 12, 2020