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ESB stands for Estradiol Soaked Bitch. It describes a woman with a symmetrical face and a slender hourglass figure who is very confident, selfish and narcissistic. She often betrays other women by stealing their mates and is usually only popular with brain dead men.
Tiger Woods' "alleged" mistress is a total ESB!

by Tiaran MacLosoff December 2, 2009
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A woman who has a very curvy hourglass shaped figure. To achieve this she must have in her system large amounts of estradiol, the principle estrogen hormone, as well as a good supply of progesterone, and low amounts of testosterone and cortisol. Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Julie Newmar had this hormonal make up and therefore had the shape that drives men wild.
I can't stop checking out the curves on that estro babe, she's like a drug.
by Tiaran MacLosoff March 10, 2010
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A style of one-to-one communication where two people face each other head on, quite close to another, and each one plugs their face into that of the other. They maintain intense eye contact and as one speaks, the other gives emotional feedback to the speaker with a rich flow of expressive faces. This is the native speaking style of women, especially those who are high in estrogen.
I really want to chat up that estro babe, but I'll wait till she's done her face plug with that brunette.
by Tiaran MacLosoff March 10, 2010
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A human enabler, assistant, patsy or slave to a psychopath. Just as Milo Renfield is a slave to the pschopath Dracula from the novel.
Makes me wonder who's more evil, that psychopath or her Renfield. She's just doing what's natural for her, but he ought to know better.
by Tiaran MacLosoff December 18, 2009
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Stands for Virtual Hormone Flow, an event that occurs when someone feels they have bested another of the same sex. The "winner's" level of testosterone or estradiol then spikes up, while the "loser's" level becomes suppressed. This results in a virtual hormone flow from one person to another, from the loser to the winner.
When the Canadian Men's Olympic hockey team scored the overtime goal against the Americans, an enormous VHF went to Canada from the US.

That smirking bitch thinks she's getting a VHF off me, but I really couldn't give a damn.
by Tiaran MacLosoff March 10, 2010
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A communication style used by people high in testosterone. They face in almost the same direction, both looking off to the horizon, and in between periods of silence they make extremely brief comments about external things that are true over long periods of time. Like the weather and the habits of prey animals. To an outside observer they may appear to not communicate very much at all, yet they are able to relate large amounts of data in very little time.
Julie looks like an estro babe, but she does the wee chat with me every time I talk to her. Did she grow up on a ranch?
by Tiaran MacLosoff March 10, 2010
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