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Visual Flight Rules. Esp, Flying an Aircraft by Visual Flight Rules. Flight in this manner uses visible ground features and landmarks as a navigational reference, and visual scanning to avoid any colisions. Most VFR flight should be conducted OCTA (outside controlled airspace) or with a Flight Notification by an Air Trafic Controll centre. Minimum visibilitys must be adheared to and special requirements for ceartain airspace be met.

Also used to discribe weather as being suitable for flight by visual references.
1: We decided to file a VFR flightplan as the weather was very clear that day.

2: We had to maintain OCTA due to lots of IFR traffic in the Terminal Area, it's one of the problems flying VFR that you don't get top priority, We decided to skirt around the C-class airspace instead.

3: Inbound to our destination we found the weather was not suitable for VFR and we had to divert to another airport some 80 miles south. Finding a place to stay for the night while the storm passed was a pain.

4: Approach Controll: "Baron 371 Sierra Echo, Descend to 3000 feet, traffic is VFR aircraft your 10-o-clock at 1500 feet unverified southbound, shouldn't be a factor"
by Trent Hopkinson June 04, 2005
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an aviation term for Visual Flight Rules. it also describes a condition where the weather is good.
tomorrow a high pressure area will move into the area and it should be a good VFR day
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
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One of the best motorcycles ever made, manufactured by Honda. Winner of multiple bike-of-the-year awards from various magazines since its introduction in the mid-80s. Characterized by its V-4 engine and single-sided swingarm (one of the first on a production motorcycle and the inspiration for the Ducati 916).
You've got a VFR? Man, I've always wanted one of those! Someday I'll sell my buzzy, I-4 torture rack and get one...
by sckego July 26, 2007
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Visual Flight Rules. When a pilot can see where he's going, and doesn't have to rely on instruments.
I'm below the ceiling and switching to "VFR" for approach.
by Emilio Dumphque September 18, 2005
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For those of you that are not fucking ricers, VFR stands for "Visual Flight Rules," in the Air Traffic Control world, needing 1000 feet ceiling and 3 miles of visibility.
N76483, tower, say altitude. N483, altitude. N483, tower, say altitude. N483, altitude. N483, say cancelling IFR, maintain VFR, no radar services will be provided." fucker.
by matt198412 August 31, 2005
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visual flight rules

a set of FAA rules for flying aircraft in good visibility

whenever anyone legally operates an aircraft in the USA, he or she either flies following VFR or IFR
Jim Jones: I ain't got no instrument ratin'. So I be kickin' it V.F.R. style when I in the ayur.

Juelz Santana: Holla!

Jim: Let's go do blow first though.

Juelz: Aight!
by The B.E.Z. April 05, 2009
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