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1: Something that is interesting because it is strange; Something eyecatching, particularly to one under the influence of drugs or alcohol mmkay. See also trippy.
2: Someone that is interesting in an odd way because they do random, strange things.
1: "That lava lamp is like, soooo buzzy."

2: "Remember that guy who shat in an ice cream cone and walked around the mall with it? He was buzzy."
by Stella Love May 12, 2005
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A buzzy is the happy feeling that you get after eating chocolate. It is also the essence of happiness.
We love that buzzy feeling.
That dairy milk really gave me that buzzy feeling.
by x10a-strike February 03, 2010
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The process of filling a vagina with beer with the intent of drinking said beer. This is usually accomplished by feverishly dildoing the coo with a beer bottle, effectively rousing the yeast in the beer causing it to rush from the bottle into the vagina.
I don't think a sorority party is ever complete until someone does a buzzy.
by hornfrog July 25, 2005
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I have a lot of Buzzies so it can be quite Buzy opening Gmail.
by Murban February 10, 2010
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Someone you follow and who follows you on Google Buzz - a friend (buddy) in Google Buzz
Do you wan't to be my buzzy?
by Murban February 10, 2010
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