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Self-Loading Baggage.

The Radar Intercept Officer or Weapons Officer in the two-seat fighter plane. The "back-seater".

Fighter pilot pride does not want to admit they need him.
(Even if they do) He's looked down upon, because he's not the pilot.
So there I was, streaking between the SAM-5s, dodging triple A all over the target, and my SLB doesn't release the damn thing!
by Emilio Dumphque June 10, 2008
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(also Whistle-patch)
Pussy, beaver, the vaginal area
If you wait here, you'll be able to see Britany's whistlepatch when she gets out of the car.
by Emilio Dumphque November 30, 2007
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Visual Flight Rules. When a pilot can see where he's going, and doesn't have to rely on instruments.
I'm below the ceiling and switching to "VFR" for approach.
by Emilio Dumphque September 19, 2005
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