A V Bomb is when you go to the ladies toilets and get hit by the distinctive aroma of smelly vagina. Most noticeable in small cubicles in workplaces.
'OMG, did you just smell that V bomb?'
'Totally just smelt a bad VB in the toilets'
'That V Bomb was so bad it almost knocked me out'
by MIZ V B SHERLOK January 31, 2017
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To leave an angry, explosive voicemail riddled with expletives.
Hey bro- listen to this V Bomb Sally just left me "I'm breaking up with you, you no good, son of a bitch, cock gobbling, piece of shit"

Hey Bob, have a listen to the V Bomb that crazy employee left on my answering machine "You can take this job and shove it into your anal archives of bullshit, you micro-fucking-weak ass manager."
by Zempo February 7, 2015
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extreme sexual position requiring a run up and a 6 ft drop, when the woman assumes the position (lying on her back with her legs in a v-shape up in the air, the male runs and jumps from a balcony or ledge preferably over 6ft and lands crotch to crotch on the woman.
"oh dude, i tried the v-bomb with my girlfriend last night, jumped from the landing and broke her hip, worth it though"
by nomorelogics January 20, 2014
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when a female reveals to a male that she is a virgin, thus still holding her V-card.
"Player, I had every intention of fucking this girl until she dropped the V-bomb on me!"
by BVicious August 20, 2007
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The V bomb stands for a woman admitting to a potential mate that she is a virgin and plans to remain so until mariage.

The droping of the V bomb usually brings an abrupt end to any budding relationship.
-Dude, why did you breakup with this chick?
-She totally dropped the V bomb on me...
by vseeckt March 5, 2008
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1) If you know you are going to bone a chick for the first time, masterbate several times to the point of disinterest, then drop a viagra, put on a condom. At this point you should be fully erect with practically zero sensation in your penis and can pound the girl to your heart's content or until she politely asks you to stop. Guaranteed requests for a return engagement.

2) Pretty much the same as the first, but instead of masterbating, get so whiskey-dicked drunk that you have no hope of getting it up, pop a Viagra and go to work. Tricky to balance the sex and not passing out though.
(1) "You know Debbie from accounting? I V-Bombed her so hard last night. I thought I was going to have trouble getting it up considering I jerked it like 3 times beforehand and she's kindof fugly, but the little blue pill always does the trick."

(2) "My friend ran into one of the risks of the drunken V-Bombing, that is, his girlfriend removed the condom after he passed out and fucked his Viagra hardened penis until he came; now she says she's late."
by MW-GT July 6, 2010
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Street bought Valium rumored to be dog sleeping pills or horse sleeping pills
Man Im off my fucking skull, took a load of V-Bombs and can hardly stand up

Yow bra your speech is all slurred was you on the V-bombs last night...

You can hardly walk in a straight line have you been popping vbombs?
by ronmonki February 22, 2011
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