Short for vehicle used when referring to a car.
1. Yo hop in the v we are going to be late.
2. Caleb told Dylan to “step out the v nigga” before they fought.
by Akeynigga February 23, 2021
The lines that are located under a guys 6-pack, or slightly toned abdomen, that form in the shape of the letter V and lead directly to his package.
"Ryan Reynolds totally had "The V" in Blade Trinity."
by Brittan M. Rudy August 4, 2006
The V means The Vehicle so if you hear someone say "hop in the V" it means to hop in to the car or whatever vehicle that the person is telling you to hop into.
A yo hop in the v we gonna go spin a bin.
by GGJuiceLord October 29, 2020
A nickname of Vallejo , which is a medium size city in California that is known for being very ghetto and lots of gang activity.
Sorry I can’t hangout today I’m on my way the v to see family.

Aye bro hop in the whip we bouncing out to the v.
by KidPresident December 16, 2019
The Greatest Place on Earth. America's Playground.
Las Vegas, NV!
by BiggieRobs March 9, 2004