A bitch to the cunt power. A woman so beyond bitch or cunt levels that she has to be called a yow.
I'm so glad my old boss is now at another company down south. She was a complete yow.
by Tabosage April 11, 2011
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comes from comic character zippy the pinhead meaning surprise or attention.
by theannoymous1 January 4, 2013
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Yeah and Wow. Exclamation and good cheer
Yow! I love this place.
by YowNow May 27, 2016
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An awesome short person who typically has a beard. May be mistaken for a dwarf.
Hey look, he looks like a yow!
John: That dude looks like a dwarf.
Edward: He looks more like a Yow.
by Yodasaan October 20, 2018
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Yow yow is your best friend who you love. You sometimes hate her just a lil but you know that she will always be there for you.
Often used in possession; I miss my yow yow
by Giji mink April 18, 2017
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The noisiest cat you ever know.
"Mrrrow mrooooow merowwwww raerrrrr row!"

"SHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!! HUSH Yow Yow!!
by GummieGirl September 6, 2017
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A local english blackcountry term (dialect) for "you" which dates back to viking times of that area.
"you can't do that " yow cor do thaa"
"your mad" "yowm mod"
by blisterj November 19, 2008
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