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A bubbly person. Some one very nice, friendly and a happy girl.This is a spanish name... now commonly mispelled.
Stranger: Did u meet that girl?
Friend: Of course that's Maily , she's awesome.
by lokeez March 23, 2009
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Mai-Ly is a short girl with a big personality. She doesn’t take no for an answer and if you cross her you’ll surely regret it. She makes mistakes but she’s human. Though, she’s quick to right the wrong.

She’s thoughtful and kind to those she cares about, though incredibly stubborn at times and will never believe that she’s beautiful when you tell her. She’s accepting and she’ll be by your side even when everyone else is not. She’s got a laugh that would make anyone strive to hear it. She turns heads when she walks into a room and anyone would jump at the chance to have even a small conversation with her. She’s also exceptionally talented. She’s got one hell of an arm and isn’t afraid to use it.. whether for sports or “throwing down”, or standing up for herself and others.

She changes worlds without even thinking about it!

Mai-Ly is a friend who’s there to cry with you at your worst, and laugh with you at your best. She’s quick to pick you up when you’ve fallen and she’ll put everything back into place when it all comes crashing down. She’s someone you can talk to nonstop and trust with all of your secrets.
The laughs you will share with her will never be forgotten and the memories you created will stain into your head. You’ll think back often on every little moment you share and think to yourself how lucky you are to have been graced with such an amazing person in your life. Mai-Ly, you are truly incredible.
by imnotgoodatthis October 16, 2017
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Maily is an attractive person you wanna be around. Fuck anyone who gets in her way or starts with the letter M. Maily is commonly Asian loves anyone. she can hate mates like Matt Tilly or anyone other Matthew.
Matt Tilly:Hey whos that
Matts friend: That's Maily shes the new Girl. Shes Hot!
by Johnny Commarato February 26, 2017
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