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TAshkent - 2200 years old but modern -the capital of Uzbekistan. City is beautiful with broadways, parks, riversides, shopping centers, night clubs, restaurants and local cafes, mosques, churches, etc. Night clubs are awesome(mostly house) very attractive girls. no age requirement just dress properly. underage can get to club, be careful with yr conduct. Public Transportation is very developed, buses, subways, trams. City is green so many trees. People - young generation is tough. But no gangsters with guns, they fight usually but no shooting at all. Girls are beautiful, uzbek, russian, ukrainian, armenian, georgian, korean, tatar, tadjik. And residents are very proud beeing from tashkent no matter of what nationality they belong to. people of different nations live in peace. Police is corrupted, they cuss and conduct improperly. Everyone hates police in that city. Crime rate is low. no drive-bys no shootings. But you can see some crooks. Dont exchange yr currency with people, thats illegal. taxis can ask you 50 bucks but indeed is 4-6 buck to get anywhere. youngsters aged 17-25 are tough even one eye-contact can lead to fight. if you stay cool with them they are cool with you. They protect their women, watch yr mouth and conduct. Never hook a prostitute, as usually they work with corrupted police. Everyone knows and speak russian, some speak and understand english. Overall, i loved this city for everything it has and it offers! No weed but alcohol is like a water
Tashkent - the dream city.
by Visitorfor2yearsandmyguides January 27, 2010
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TAshkent - the best city ever..multinational city..everyone proud to be beiing from Tashkent...

Very famous for hospitality

Every hood has its boys..and they support each other....Each Toshkenli (the one from Tashkent) support each other in all bad times...if you gonna see Toshkenli in your area dont fuck with him..because 10 more Toshkenli comes after you ...Toshkenli boys dont give a fuck to any gangstas.. If you are in some redneck state and 20 racist muthafuckas beat yiou up, next day 100 Toshkenli after those racist and hunt them one by one..

City famous for the most beautiful girls in the world..

Very rich city.

Girls are gorgeous and the boys are toughest and strongest..

As the city is the city of warriors in all means...any Toshkenli boy can break neck of any fighters of any country..

90 % of Toshkenli knows martial arts, and the city can turn into a big army in a 5 minutes..

There is no Tashkent better believe me...
Gangsta 1: look dawg this is the one who knock me down last night..let's shoot him
Gangsta 2: are you fucking moron you stupid ass..He is from Tashkent..i aint wanna get into fucking problem stupid ass...

Any tourist who come to Tashkent cum into pants when they see beauties of Tashkent..
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