A delectable Bronx treat, often desired after a walk through Manahattan or Jersey, after a half to two-dozen drinks.
Hey Austin, I'm shit-faced--do you know where we can get a bag of Utz?
by R-Squared May 15, 2006
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The sound in techno/ dance music.

Sometimes used at random times when joking around about being gay.
1. Hey Dude! Did you hear that song? I like the first part where it goes 'utz utz utz'

Jon: That guy looks totally gay.
Mike: Fer Sure. 'Utz utz utz' *pretends to rave*
by xxxEmoRaverxxx August 31, 2008
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1. Name of a quality food brand for sustainable farmer.
2. American family name.

Please note it is pronounced "You-tz" not "Uh-tz".
Utz certified products are good for the planet.
by UrbanKnowIt April 4, 2018
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When someone keeps saying they’re coming and never shows up. Even after 72 fucking hours. Named after Adam Utz.
Adam Utz: Hey I’ll be there in 30mins.

Unsuspecting friend: Cool man, see you then.

Other friend 2hrs later: Damn, you got Utzed again?
by Twitty69 December 15, 2020
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Another word for being "salted" deriving from the chip/pretzel company, Utz, who puts salt on their products.
That kid just found out his girl is cheating on him. He's utzed!
by ohyeah69 September 21, 2008
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something having the quality of being consumable and also having the quality of giving joy when kicked.
That pen has the quality of utz.
by evanescent_llama November 10, 2003
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