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The showing off of some delicious home-comforts to make fellow countrymen envy your current food situation
Sorry, I'm doing a Petraatje picture of a deepfried Dutch snack

Dutch translation: 'FF een Petraatje doen'
by UrbanKnowIt February 13, 2018
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He who buys houses. He is also likely to have a custom number plate.
A coworker he just met: /Jay. What are your hobbies?'
Jay: 'I buy houses'
by UrbanKnowIt March 5, 2018
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The process of shopping at supermarket chain Asda
Shall we head to 'Asdi'?

Anything from 'Asdi' anyone?
by UrbanKnowIt February 13, 2018
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1. Name of a quality food brand for sustainable farmer.
2. American family name.

Please note it is pronounced "You-tz" not "Uh-tz".
Utz certified products are good for the planet.
by UrbanKnowIt April 4, 2018
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