The saddest city in America. Imagine being forced to eat a turd sandwich and when you're done eating it someone kicks you in the krotch and has sex with your mom. It's like 10 times sadder than that.
"Hey, let's go to Utica."

"Hey, I'd rather kill myself."
by MrSpongebobBrownPants September 15, 2019
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The only place on earth that people from Buffalo are allowed to mock and ridicule.
"Look on the bright side - at least we're not Utica" - Buffalo Resident
by ThankgodIleftUtica December 14, 2013
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We took a wrong turn and drove through Utica and the kids kept asking what had happened in this place to make the people look so bizarre.
by Wiseguy68 December 1, 2016
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A shithole. Located right in the middle of New York State and centrally located 5 hours away from 3 major cities (just far enough to be out of reach). Most people living there are either retarded or want to get the hell out. Did I mention it sucks?
Winter's in Utica are proof that hell freezes over
by Nasty Nate March 1, 2005
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"I died and went to Utica."

"Utica failed in its bid to be twinned with Pluto"
by Uncle Des November 26, 2009
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Small, once promising Upstate New York City. Now looks like missile testing grounds. Home of the original "Big wig" wanna-bes and wacky, limp politicians that trade offices every election. Site of corruption and future massive power line. Using plywood as window dressing is catching on, as well as being almost totaly jobless.
"Utica is relatively equivelent to a banana republic, DON'T move there and if you must drive by on the New York State Thruway, roll up your windows, Close heater/air vents, and lock the doors.
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A dying city in upstate New York's rust belt, situated in the verdant Mohawk Valley, just south of Adirondack Park. Utica has a significant population of Italian and Polish Americans and has recently seen a substantial influx of Bosnian immigrants, who have injected a semblance of economic vigor and opportunity to the city. Mouseketeer Annette Funicello was born in Utica. She got out young.
Utica: at least it's not Sarajevo!
by jk64jk July 26, 2006
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