Utica, Illinios has more asshole per capita than any other town.
That Utican over there is one major ass hole named Studebaker.
by Kyle Studebaker November 18, 2004
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A very cool city. for those of you who think i sucks... we have jelly buns, chicken riggies, half moons, utica club, AND saranac

...suck it
Lets go to Utica!

Sure we'll go to a restaurant
by Utican June 16, 2009
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A small city in central NY. Full of diverse nationalities and home to three of mankinds greatest foods...tomato pie, half-moon cookies, and jelly buns.
Uticans also have an accent in which they don't pronounce the "l" in words such as cold, hold, shoulder. T's also are pronounced as D's on various occasoins too.
Shroudie's hometown
a nice place to grow up
Raiders r0x my s0x
by Shroudie December 29, 2004
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A gang infested albanian and chaldean city in michigan, north of detroit. like all uticas, it is a dying wasteland. Must be something unlucky about the name
"Hey man wanna go to utica?!"

"Hell no, only the albanian mafia lives there!"
by Mount Clemens Blood April 25, 2016
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A city in Upstate New York, incorporated in 1832, that is the population center of the Utica-Rome Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Like many mid-sized cities in the Northeast and Rust Belt, Utica was a thriving manufacturing, political and cultural community in the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th century. After a period of decline, it has recently seen a wave of urban investment and redevelopment. Public and private investments totaling hundreds of millions of dollars include: a $480 million downtown medical center campus scheduled for completion in 2022, reclamation and residential development of multiple industrial-era buildings, an expanded downtown arena/auditorium that recruited professional hockey and indoor soccer franchises.

While challenges and lingering negativity stemming from decades of decline remain, the city is seeing increasing numbers of next-gen residential professionals and entrepreneurs. The international distance running community has known about the city's welcoming culture and upbeat summer vibe for decades, as Utica is home to one of the world's largest 15K competitions, the Boilermaker Road Race. And then there's the critically acclaimed FOOD, present in an astounding number of urban farm-to-fork, ethnic and international restaurants, cafes and eateries.
When someone asks me for an example of quintessential Utica cuisine, I point them to the New York Times article on Utica greens, "Utica Greens: A Central New York Staple With Multiple Identities."
by HughConway May 17, 2019
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As in you think you're good at comedy but you're actually just cringe-worthy and unwatchable
When you think Utican't do worse, Utican.
via giphy
by Poopbunny March 27, 2021
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