A beautiful city in Eastern Europe. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A city that was destroyed by the war. And still, sadly, you can sense the presence of the war, physically and mentally in many parts of the city. But there are new buissnes center emerging in Sarajevo like the AVAZ buissnes center. We need to spend more money for the rebuilding of Sarajevo.
Sarajevo is a great city in Eastern Europe.
by Croatian_Kid November 20, 2005
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worst fucking city ever, lost my bff Franz Ferdinand there because of some gay serb, Franz was a true gamer. Also the girls over there don't shave their asshole hair.
Guy 1: I've been thinking of Sarajevo for vacation
Guy 2: dont fucking go there you retard they are goblin people and they gonna steal your water supply
by JarEater June 1, 2020
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it is the capital city of bosnia, and it is the best city ever!!
I am from sarajevo, Bosnia
by Amra beslic December 20, 2004
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One of the worlds most beautiful cities that came close to destruction during the tragic Balkan War, the event we have to thank for the term ethnic cleansing. Sarajevo was home to all ethnic groups in Yugoslavia: Catholic Croatians, Protestant Serbs, and Muslim Bosnians. Then Serb nationalists started a war with the Bosnians, and also got the Croatians caught up in it. The city of Bosnia remained ethnically diverse, with many Serbs choosing to defend it alongside Bosnians, but relations have been strained by Serb war crimes (slaughtering thousands of unarmed civilians in the largest mass murder since the Holocaust) and Bosnian war crimes (burning of Churches, excecution of all Croatian and Serbian POWs). The city is being rebuilt, and has come a long way. Everyone should go there sometime.
Sarajevo is once again one of the greatest cities in Europe. It's got everything: sights, good hotels, good food, good booze, beautiful women, and friendly people. It's coming back. Hopefuly New Orleans can do the same.
by king of canada September 9, 2006
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A city that was once part of the Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy Empire. The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered here by a Serbian nationalist in 1914, and is one of major cause of the outbreak of World War I.
It was also here in the capital of Bosnia that the Serbian people have pushed out the Muslims many decades ago who have been hating them and oppressing them for centuries. Those towelheaded bastards aren't EVER going to be able to gain an official stronghold in Europe, and their definitely not going to have one in this city that produces some really beautiful girls.
Sarajevo is a pretty cool city. The Serbs are a strong people and there girls are gorgeous.
by Republican Warrior February 27, 2005
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city where SERBS beat the living shit out of bunch of muslims
Do we need any al-kaida in Europe?
by Muhamed-kuramos January 24, 2005
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When driving on a four lane divided highway, you get caught behind a slow moving vehicle in the right lane and a vehicle doing the same speed in the passing lane, when ready, proceed to pass between the two cars.
These two idiots decided to drive beside eachother on the highway so I had to pull out the Sarajevo Sidewinder on them
by schwarz August 15, 2007
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