A self inflicted group photo; When the participant of a group photo also acts as the picture taker. The number of participants in an "ussie" is not limited, but typically does not exceed 3 due to the close nature of the photo. Though not always, the background in an "Ussie" is often the focal point and subject matter of the picture...
"Yo, bro. Get Chad over here. I wanna take an ussie with this dope DJ in the background"...
by JayCub April 28, 2013
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Taking a selfie with your friend(s) or significant other.
James took an ussie with his girlfriend Janet.
by pinkpearl5 February 6, 2015
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Picture taken with not just the self, but more than one person; a group selfie.
"Lindsey come here and take an ussie with me!"
by chickenlover101 May 7, 2015
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The act of taking a picture with another person using the frontal camera.
Hey Brenda, lets take an ussie.
by Catack December 20, 2019
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The suffix used to describe an object’s pussy.
That mussy (minecraft-ussy) finna make me act up.
by AcidityBM June 28, 2021
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A suffix that turns any word into a sex hole. The first word from the original word is taken and followed by -ussy.
His bussy boy-pussy was so tight
by deadhoe June 5, 2021
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