The suffix used to describe an object’s pussy.
That mussy (minecraft-ussy) finna make me act up.
by AcidityBM June 28, 2021


1. An informal suffix used to describe a threshold of an object, or an orifice that has no informal name

2. An informal suffix used to describe the soul, passion or strength of someone’s effort in a work of art or project.

1. Why does my steak have a stussy?

2. Andrew Garfield put his whole Garfussy into the vocals on Tick, Tick Boom! (2021).
by creamingscreaming January 12, 2022
A suffix that can be added to words to sexualize/satirize them. It is very product to use ussy whenever a hole comes up in conversation.
Lin put his whole lin-ussy into Encanto
“Giving Alexander Hamiltussy”
by Jiafei241432 January 25, 2022
Ending of any word. Comes from the word pu$$y. You can use this anywhere and anytime. Its an amazing ending and always makes everything funny.
How to use: WOW, this is so fun-USSY
Ashley: omg, Tin-ussy (Tina) how have you been-ussy?
Tina: Hi Ashl-ussy, I have been great-ussy!
Ashley & Tina: Look at Angelinussy (Angelina)! She's so hot-ussy;)
by AshTinAng May 2, 2022
A suffix that turns any word into a sex hole. The first word from the original word is taken and followed by -ussy.
His bussy boy-pussy was so tight
by deadhoe June 5, 2021