Adj. for person having numerous casual (non-relationship) sexual relations with a person or persons and their hard lifestyle begans to show.
Person 1: Remember, when she first came her?

Person 2: Yeah, she was a pretty sweet and fun girl.
Person 1: Well look at her now. She's all dirty,looks used up and will sleep with anyone who calls her name.
Person 2: Yep, I lost all respect for that girl along time age.
by Surfthewave May 23, 2010
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another way of saying "give me"
"oi bruh, 'hit us up' with some sauce"
by sicko kunt December 12, 2008
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A combination of "Hook us up!" and "Get us Drunk!"

Used when getting a local to show you the popular drinking spots their specific town/city has to offer.
Visiting my friend Devin in Vermont:
Me: You gonna Drunk us up!?
Devin: Fuck yea Man, I know the best bars in town!
Me: Sounds like it's time to fuckin' RAGE!
by Sir Francis Pedro August 19, 2010
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a phrase to say that "us" are in trouble

originated from "Zero Wing" Jap game

see also all your base
by Az November 10, 2003
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-A command indicating that an individual should prepare a bong for a group that includes the speaker.

-A cross between "somebody set us up the bomb", a phrase used to indicate treachery, and "bong", a device used to smoke plant material, mainly cannabis.
Alan and Steve are passed out, but can somebody please set us up the bong?

-They intercepted our drugs in the mail.
-Somebody set us up the bong.
by somebodysetusupthebong July 19, 2010
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A line from the poorly translated sega genesis game, zero wing, also used in counter-strike when the opposing team plants the bomb.
I was just eating my lunch when, "somebody set us up the bomb."
by Brandon April 16, 2005
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