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The act of going on urban dictionary and looking up the words

Going on Urban Dictionary every morning to look up the word of the day

Adeola: Yo, Ben did you go Urbing?
Ben: Nah, I got an F in French
Adeola: Sucks.

Ben: Yo, I got a F in French, so I was urbing all night to heal my pain

Eddie: Yo, Im gonna go home and give Urbing a thumbs down.

Bashir: Adeola, you go urbing every morning at school. I wish I was you.
by The Zesty Eddies April 14, 2009
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Going totally buck wild, usually involving music, hair-dancing, and girls' boobs.
Oh man, I can't wait for spring break. The girls at the Floribama are gonna be urbing, hopefully to some 90's tunes!!
by Slutarroooo January 27, 2009
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