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A word used in the homosexual community, often on various gay forums such as LPSG.

It denotes a large muscular and usually gay guy with a big cock that produces a lot of cum and cums a lot.
That Rolf is such a spermbull. He came like more than a shot glass last night.
by kam75xx August 21, 2018
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the number of times you ejaculate cum during an orgasm.
what your spurt count bruh?
by kam75xx February 6, 2019
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A girl or woman who wears flip flops to any occasion, whether formal or informal. She'll wear them with a nice dress looking like a hoe who lost her high heels. She will turn up to her first date wearing a red pair of hawaiian flip flops, a t shirt and shorts looking like a 25 dollar cheap whore.
Flip flops are for the beach not first dates you stupid flip flop queen!
by kam75xx June 13, 2021
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I used to work at BHP, until I found out what BHP stood for....Bloody Hot Pipe. We'll I fucked off real quick.
by kam75xx February 8, 2018
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something totally useless or worthless. Australian slang.
How's that new Holden mate? Mate it ain't worth a pinch of shit
by kam75xx April 15, 2014
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A feeling of sadness and depression, but also anger and irritability among gay men that haven’t sucked cock for a while.
Gabi has the cocksucker blues again. It’s been a wile since he sucked some man meat.
by kam75xx December 31, 2018
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Australian way of politely telling someone to go away.
Awwrr piss off mate, just piss off.
by kam75xx October 27, 2021
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