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Any type of fashion that is worn with a mask when non the street.
Bro, what the fuck are you wearing that mask for?

Oh it's just the latest fashion trend called Covid Street wear.
by kam75xx January 25, 2022
Man landed on the moon in 1969 you punst!
by kam75xx March 29, 2018
The greatest advice you can give to a friend that's acting gay. Because friends don't let their friends become fags.
Your friend: Dude, that shirt so matches your complexion.
You: Bro, don't be a fag.
by kam75xx October 21, 2021
A paedofile is a round file used to make small holes bigger in woodwork or metalwork.
by kam75xx February 12, 2019
An encouragement made to a homosexual with the hope he'll change to a normal hetrosexual man.
Grow up you faggot. Because when I look at you I need to throw up.
by kam75xx January 29, 2022
Back da fuck up nigga. If someone tells you to back da fuck up nigga, you better do as he says....
or you'll get smacked the fuck up.
Some youtube prankster came up to me asking if I wanted to kiss his ass. I said 'back da fuck up nigga.'
He wouldn't so I gave him a solid right hook and broke his jaw.
by kam75xx July 12, 2019
An Aussie legend and comedian icon known for making his audience piss themselves laughing. Takes the piss out of anything including McDonalds, Pizza Hut (they can go and get fucked!), poofters, faggots, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, policemen, Poms, Indians, Irish, Italians and other geezers.

Best known for his merciless tearing apart of stupid hecklers, his famous laugh 'heeee-heeeeeee'. And "I HATE THAT".
GET RUDE ON!!! Rude: "Yeah, yeah, you can laugh....I'm the one that gets all the roots around here boy. The difference between a 12 inch cock and an onion..nothing. They both bring tears to your eyes.

Rude: "It's time for another poofter joke!"

Pommy Heckler: "you rule the world.."
Rodney Rude: "Yeah I know that fuck-face. I'm fucking good. Whereas you mate, if you were a grain of rice you couldn't do an impression of a fucking maggot!"

Rude to heckler: "Aww piss off mate. What'd ya celebrating your first head job you didn't like the taste? Fuck off mate."

Audience member: "What else do you hate?"

Rude: "I'll tell you what I hate mate. I hate it when you fucking a jar of Pegs paste and your family walks in. And they want the pegs paste. Pisses me off."
by kam75xx August 9, 2012