A nibbler is a girl who is a pathological serial flirt who has a sociopathic desire to gain attention from as many male counterparts as possible to fulfill some deep rooted desire.

This desire/need typically stems due to the lack of a strong male influence in their lives or traumatic heart break.

They have no intention to develop a relationship or make any type of commitment with the opposite sex. Any encounter should be considered a game.
That girl at the party (the nibbler) who flirts with everyone, yet makes them all feel special. Your pretty confident your going to get some and reel her in, but all she does is nibble and keep you waiting forcing you into a downward spiral of frustration and anger.
by T.H.T. January 21, 2012
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(noun) one who is extremely unsocial, but listens in on everyone's conversations. Usually in the form of a wild Feyworth.
Jack is such a nibbler, everyone hates him but he just doesn't understand.
by Northwest Nibs February 14, 2017
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a nibbler is a person who inflicts annoyance, is a jerk, or basically a bit of a idiot.

Happy 13th Birthday Joe....You Nibbler.
James: Wow, i just owned dave on Xbox cause im awsome.

Marty: Dude your such a nibbler.
by Georgia-Holly June 8, 2010
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n. to mkae someone feel happy or ful of joy

v. to nibble ones ears in a passionate manner
"that chick did a nibbler on me and I thought i was gonna die it felt soo good"
by _________ June 25, 2004
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"He who is a nibbler is a homosapien who enjoys nibbling on caaak"-nelson osorio
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
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Someone who bites at every comment or joke made about them, usually loudly and to the amusement of everyone else in the group
Tom don't even react to it... you're such a nibbler
by peggstein April 24, 2020
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