A game wherein a group of people take turns bringing up "Random Words" on urbandictionary.com. If your random word describes a perverse sex act, you're out. Winner is the last one remaining. Can also be played as a drinking game.
We were playing Urban Dictionary Roulette, and it was down to me and Tom - but then I got "Dirty Sanchez" and it was all over.
by smendler June 04, 2016
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Share definitions that other people will find meaningful and never post hate speech or people’s personal information.
All the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by people just like you.
Please review Urban Dictionary's content guidelines before writing a definition.
by UrbanDictionaryOwl September 14, 2020
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Jake wants to put a slur on Urban Dictionary because hes an asshole.

He did and the mafia came for him
s Urban Dictionary's Content Guidelines means dont be Jake :)
by Kephen Sting February 23, 2021
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Urban dictionary store is pro lol.
by ♡Sama♡ June 14, 2021
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