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Stupid fucktards who sit at the computer, rejecting every single new definition that people try to publish. BTW, every single definition I tried to publish was rejected. I bet those fucking cuntlickers will reject my definition. You see! This is what I'm talking about! They accept all these fucktarded definitions that don't make any goddamn sense, but they reject neat, well-written, true, and funny definitions! You damn editors, I know you're reading this. So I want to say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK you. You just auto-reject every single definition that pops up, and then the people get the dreaded e-mail. You don't like this definition right here? Go ahead. Reject it. I honestly don't give half a fuck. It's no use publishing a definition if you know it's gonna get rejected. OH YES. I just used "gonna" instead of "going to." This is going to get published since you fucktard editors only approve misspelled/slang words. You honestly call yourselves editors? All you do is reject every definition that pops up. You guys shouldn't even be called editors. You should be called fucktard nigger cunts. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, rejecting every definition. Can you be more specific on why you reject the definitions? That's the thing. Urban Dictionary should ask you to provide a reason for rejecting a definition, even though the most offensive definitions in the world get published. Damn... NOW I HAVE TO USE THE WORD IN A FUCKING SENTENCE!? This has been quite a night.
Urban Dictionary HQ

Editor A: What'$ th1$? A v3ry sl0ppy, 0ff3n$iv3, g@y w0rd? PUBLI$#!
Editor B: But whut'$ 7#1$? A n3at, w3ll wr1tt3n, tru3, and funneh w0rd? R3J3CT!!!!!!
Editor C: Thi$ go3s in t#e fukk1n tra$h, it $ux

Urban Dictionary Editors in a nutshell
by Super Ultra Mega August 23, 2014
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A group of extremely stupid dumbfucks who sit on their asses and choose which entries to publish to They often publish very useless and stupid entries that do not make sense, but choose not to publish some things that are hilarious and informative. Remember, as stated above, they are extremely unintelligent and should not have too much strain put on their small brains at any given time.
Dude, those Urban Dictionary Editors declined my awesome coondawg000 deegert entry last night, but published some entry that defined Justin Bieber as "the act of having extremely small genetelia"

Wow bro that is so typical of those retards
by SupernovaSunset September 11, 2010
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people who never publish my defenitions
I added another defeition, but those bastard urbandictionary editors chose to not publish it again.
by boogalyman January 20, 2006
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The people who decide which definitions get approved on this website. Few of them actually follow the publishing guidelines.
Bad Urban Dictionary Editor: I don't like this definition. *reject* I don't agree with this definition. *reject*

Good Urban Dictionary Editor: This definition might be a little offensive, but it still follows the publishing guidelines. *accept*

I doubt this definition will get through the Urban Dictionary Editors.
by Quzu July 17, 2011
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A bunch of dumb fucktards who are lazy as fuck and just sit on their asses all day rejecting legit and hilarious definitions because their brain is the size of their tiny ass dicks. Of course they have to accept the stupid definitions that make no sense for words absolutely nobody fucking uses. Gotta accept the ones written by other fucktard cunts. And of course they don't even send you the damn email half the time telling you whether or not your definition got accepted. When this happens you just accept the fact that another innocent definition was killed in action. Prayers up. Then you have the editors that didn't pass preschool and can't even read your definition. And don't forget those damn snowflakes that are offended by every fucking thing you say. "Oh man, this one says gay. I'm offended. Reject" or "Wow this one says shit, better reject it because shit is brown like some people and that is racist." Haha, just gotta love those people who make you want to put a nail on your desk and slam your head down onto it. Thank God I've only seen it once. We miss you Joe. And to the editor reading this now, SSSSSSUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK MMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY DDIIIIIIIICCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! This probably won't even get published even though I am giving a legit and honest definition. You're chicken shit and will probably reject this because you don't agree with it or because you find it "offensive." Offensive or not, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS BECAUSE IT IS TRUE
Urban Dictionary Editors
Urban dictionary editor 1 "Those dumbshits just rejected my definition. It wasn't even funny it was just informative."
Urban dictionary editor 2 "Some dude probably bumped the reject button while taking it up the ass from another dumbfuck editor on his desk"
by 100_real_nigga December 05, 2017
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Faggots who barely publish any of my definitions, even when they are easy to understand and make a lot of sense.
If you don't publish this definition Urbandictionary editors, you shall all die slowly and painfully and end up in Hell.
by AdomC February 15, 2015
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A platoon of unscrupulous rapscallions who pass all the racial, sexual, prejudicial slur definitions under the sun, yet have a fetish for rejecting actual legitimate definitions which were made to educate the common reader.

They adore and often get themselves off to definitions of poor grammar which involve angst-ridden prepubescent teenage girls ranting about how apparently bad their ex-boyfriend was.
They however despise any definitions which contain actual informative content with long descriptive paragraphs and words that their sprocket-sized brains have never processed before.

If you're thinking about posting a definition just keep this info in mind.

"omg dis iz 2 lon i dun wan 2 reded dis, rjectd!!!111! >>>>:(((( ddfidsiufhdusoi"

Also here's "Urbandictionary editors" because I apparently need to place it in the example section for some discernible reason.
by Weaselcake June 20, 2013
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