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The people who decide which definitions get approved on this website. Few of them actually follow the publishing guidelines.
Bad Urban Dictionary Editor: I don't like this definition. *reject* I don't agree with this definition. *reject*

Good Urban Dictionary Editor: This definition might be a little offensive, but it still follows the publishing guidelines. *accept*

I doubt this definition will get through the Urban Dictionary Editors.
by Quzu July 17, 2011

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An individual who possesses the fear of homosexuals.
Homophobe: Hey, did you hear that new Lady Gaga song, Born This Way? I think it should be called Born This Gay!

In the example above, a homophobe uses the word gay to insult a song that emphasizes how your sexual orientation doesn't make you a bad person.
by Quzu June 05, 2011

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A phrase used to describe something as high quality and useful. It can also be used in exchange with the word best.
Our phone is the Swiss Army Knife of phones.
by Quzu June 24, 2011

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The end of the world for Christians where the good (believers) rise up to heaven and the bad (and non-believers) end up in hell.
Just face it, the whole Judgement Day thing is bullshit.
by Quzu May 20, 2011

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When a girl only dates guys that will hurt her and leave her crying.
Guy #1: Why has that girl been crying so much lately?

Guy #2: I think it's because she's been jerk occupied. She'll only date men that will hurt her.
by Quzu May 15, 2011

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A symbolic way to say cover your ears or don't listen. Just as a condom prevents STDs and pregnancy, an "ear condom" protects you from getting verbally hurt.
Lady Gaga: Or wear ear condom next time.
by Quzu May 10, 2011

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Simply the worst thing ever. Sports are played by athletes who are most likely playing for either money or just so they can say that they are so much better than everybody else. (See jock) There are few athletes that actually play for fun, and those are typically the ones who aren't fucking retards. Unfortunately, if you don't enjoy playing sports, you'll be classified as wimpy loser with no life.
If people didn't make such a fucking big deal about sports, maybe I would give it a try.
by quzu May 03, 2011

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