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Ever since the abandonment of the "sign in" only to edit Urban Dictionary submissions, Urban Dictionary editors now only consist of idiot 14 year old teenage girls who decide to never publish any legitimate submissions except their own stupid submissions.

Fuck you.
Sarah: Oh Em Gee! Did you just hear what Mike said about about me? He totally called me out on Twitter. OMG, like I'm so offended.

Jennifer: You know, we should publish that to Urban Dictionary!

Sarah: Oh Em Gee, like what a good idea! Help me write this submission about Mike.

**Mike - A total douchbge. Bigst ahole on the plnet.**

Jennifer: Make sure it gets approved, go to the urban dictionary editors section and approve it.

Sarah: Eww, like what are all these other submissions here wow I'm not approving any of this shit. I'm only approving my shitty definition of mike.
by hi79993 June 02, 2013

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