When some thing is funi
I’m so funi”
by puppylover06 March 10, 2021
This is ment as humerous, amusing in the same way as funny is used, it is just abreviated
a joke is told and the person doesn't want to write that's funny so they write funi
by blakety blank blank August 24, 2006
pronounciation:: few-knee

Used to describe an almost unibrow ; not quite there yet, but will be in the near future

Patrick, that's one sexy funi!
Dude, are you gonna pluck that funi anytime soon?
by Pablo Perez February 9, 2008
fucking hĺfviti
noob funi
by cowboy67 January 13, 2021
I can do nought but pronounce this supposed abbreviation as "few-nee"
What sort of tosspot abbreviates funny to "funi"?
by Pingoir August 17, 2007
To imply that something meant to be funny but actually isn't.
by basesaw September 12, 2020
Funie is a Roblox animator and developer on youtube. He is known for creating "If Roblox Noob was in Smash Bros Ultimate" Movesets of Roblox characters.
Do you watch Funie? I saw him once.
by Taco101Lover1 March 8, 2021