8 definitions by liquid death

A fake job generally used to fill resumes that would normally be empty
Before he was a senator, he was a community organizer.
by liquid death September 12, 2008
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Jim was in a car crash yesterday, but he was black tagged by the time an ambulance arrived
by liquid death January 27, 2016
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The result of Social Justice Warriors defining everything sexual men do as rape. It devalues the term, and can cause those who have actually suffered to be lumped in with the attention seeking ideologues. That and when a man is accused of rape, he is guilty be default with no chance to explain himself of prove innocence.
This rape hysteria is getting out of hand, I was called a rapist just for saying that girl looked hot
by liquid death October 23, 2017
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A euphemism for death, a contraction of "Shuffle off this mortal coil"
"What happened to the old man?"
"he's about to shuffle off"
by liquid death May 07, 2021
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Strong tea laced with rum, traditionally drunk by the British army at parades.
"if we get this parade right, the corporal will pour us some gunfire"
by liquid death August 03, 2016
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A common Russian battle cry, analagous to the USMC's "oorah!"
"charge, tovarishes!"
by liquid death September 15, 2016
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"It's been a productive day, managed to crank out a week's worth of TPS reports in one sitting"
by liquid death May 17, 2021
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