The best Lineage 2 alliance in the North America (probably in the whole world - 80% confirmed).
One day we will be as good as Uprising........ not :(
by goodj3w March 28, 2007
A song made by Muse in 2009, part of the album "The Resistance".
My favourite song is Uprising by Muse. Maybe you should listen to it as well.
by You should read more often. January 20, 2018
A meme on the /r9k/ board on 4chan mostly used by incels and robots.

When virgin posters post about a so called beta uprising they are mostly being ironic however some posters do use the meme unironically because of genuine hate towards chads and stacies.
The beta uprising must happen now reeeee
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh May 27, 2022
When a girl does not let you finish in her mouth, you ejaculate on her, her clothes or on a personal belonging/keepsake.
"What did you do to my teddy bear?"
"Indian uprising."
by Ron Blemons January 1, 2012
When you have extreme diarrhea, either after eating Taco Bell or bar nachos the night before.
Man, I have a Mexican uprising from that beefy 5 layer burrito I ate last night!
by SgtWillyD November 20, 2020
when the Gingers of the world defeat the ginger genocide and release a can of ginger rage on all the non-gingers.
Chuck: ah fuck dude.

Craig: what dude?
Chuck: we shouldn't have fucked with those gingers, the Ginger Uprising is starting.
by cock kluster April 30, 2010
Best Esports Organization In the world they play Fortnite and Rocket League
I am about to join Stealth Uprise.
by Stealth Fan April 14, 2020