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Suburb of northwest Columbus, Ohio. Originally founded as a commercial real estate enterprise. The city of Upper Arlington has distinguished itself with it's ability to house conservative, successful, and wealthy families in the face of overwhelming foreign immigration to the region. Boasting effective leadership, the city has maintained a barrier between successful and non-successful people since 1918.
I want to live in Upper Arlington.
by Theory_Z November 08, 2006
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Located near downtown Columbus, Ohio, it is a small suburban city filled mostly with middle-upper class white families. It has one high school, naturally named Upper Arlington High School. The city draws much jealousy from the surrounding suburbs such as HIlliard, Dublin, Worthington, etc. because of the economic success of the families residing in UA. ANother thing that draws jealousy from the other suburbs is that Upper ARlington High School consistently and continually rapes other high schools at sports such as Lacrosse, Football, Swimming, Water Polo, Hockey etc. It's 100+ Div. 1 state championships are a record in Ohio high schools, and therefore cats from across the scioto and olentangy rivers whine and try to insult UA.
Also has the lowest percentage of anorexic girls in central Ohio
worthington guy: hey sweetie, let's go to Upper Arlington and make fun of the architectural quality of their houses cuz our football team hasn't beat them in 39 years.
Dublin guy: thats a good idea hunny, I wanna get back at them for continually raping us up the butt in lacrosse
Hilliard guy: speaking of "up the butt" you guys wanna get some at my house later tonight.
by A Dawg and A Bro April 17, 2008
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an upper class suburb in central ohio. lots of surrounding areas like hilliard, worthington and dublin are extremely jealous due to the high incomes of the parents of ua students. the girls in ua are hotter than other suburbs and if you're a guy, you probably have a 'ua shag'. high school students attend upper arlington high school of course and ua has over 100 state championships for D1 sports teams, which sets a record in ohio history. also, schools in ua are like college and absolutely amazing test scores. guys in other suburbs always try to hit on ua girls, but the boys at arlington always win them over.
dublin guy: you're so beautiful

upper arlington girl: aww thanks

upper arlington guy: you're hot

upper arlington girl: i love you.
by resident of the best May 31, 2010
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Upper Arlington is a suburban community located in Northwest Central Ohio. UA is community dominated by upper class, preppy, arrogant, white people. (but not as preppy as Dublin.) There is one high school in UA, and it's appropiately named Upper Arlington High School. They are quite proud of there 100+ state championships, but a person who doesn't have their head up their ass will tell you that more than half of the championships are in tennis and the only reason UA has displayed such dominance in tennis is because all kids there have practically been raised on country clubs. Their success in golf can also be accredited to this.
The kids who go to UAHS are notorious for being arrogant meat heads who have nothing else better to do than hit the weight room and check scorecenter on the 64G iTouches. It is also well known that if in any competitve activity a UA kid will threaten to hurt you, but outside of it they will merely whimper and go sit over by their parents.

For what UA lacks in minorites, middle class families, and modest athletes, they sure do make up for in in Lax Bros. Most are pot heads but since their parents are all lawyers or judges they get around these situations farily easily.
Alll in all, UA is not a community for someone who wants to live a real life with people of differnt race, social class, etc. If you want to live in a town where high school sports arent everyones biggets prioity, live in Worthington.
UA kid: "hey we beat you guys in football this year."
Worthington kid: "where you goin to school man?"
UA kid: "C-state."
Worthington kid: "Oh I'm goin to Illinois on an academic scholarship. Strange how the world works huh?'

Worthington kid: " do you know that black kid over there named Jalen?"
UA kid: "whats a black kid?"
Worthington kid: "oh Upper Arlington..."
by TheDroSho March 08, 2011
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wow, where do i start. upper arlington is strait out of the 1850's but with less permiscuous sex. there hasnt been a confirmed blow job given there since 1912; and that one is still debatable. they often feud with grandview (the columbus equivalent of the kurds) over who has less n's. young life and lacrosse are required by ALL upper arlington citizens. rebellious upper arlington females often traverse over to dublin to mate with real alpha males.
"lets go jack off to the 2001 upper arlington lacrosse high light tape!"
by mitch cramer December 02, 2006
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