"Hey sweetie" is the name of, or type of a message given to an "idiot" who has blasted his or her idiocy publicly, particularly on the Internet or Facebook, that is almost guaranteed to come back to kick him or her to the curb. This type of comment is best done by old folks as the "hey sweetie" must be "put up with" because he/she is an old person doing it. If done by a peer it would be condescending. So when grandma private messages, "Hey, sweetie, ..." it is best to wake up and pay close attention. You have made a bad mistake that more experienced people see as your great fall coming soon.
You put out there on Facebook, "My boss is an ass. Last night he asked me to.........." So when grandma reads this and realizes this WILL probably make its way back to your boss in some way, AND you will get fired, AND you will not get unemployment, she may send you a hey sweetie. This is done to get your error across to you, SYA (that is save your ass), correct you, but make every effort not to offend you by calling you "Hey, Sweetie".
by moondrop May 1, 2015
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