Someone is a very spontaneous Lover,athletic, and is a excellent kisser.
Also someone is sometimes very geeky and sexy.
Damn,that boy over there is so smooth and sexy. He looks like a Jalen
by SirFuckzAlot January 22, 2009
A Jalen is a cool ass real ass nigga he sits back and watches the world he peeps everything he loves to make people laugh and have a good time. A Jalen is a person with a huge heart and devotes all his love to that special someone. He is the perfect boyfriend and husband amd bestfriend. He will surely be noticed by his smile and good looks. He is sexy and has a strong will to suceed.
"Hey there's a Jalen! He is perfect!"
by Doctordictionary June 24, 2013
A classically handsome black male with a beautiful smile. Known for his jokes and tender nature. He is an expert at references and can talk for days about sports. An AMAZING lover. Big booty. Big... You want a friend like Jalen, you need a friend like Jalen.
“I’m going to play basketball this weekend, I think I’ll invite Jalen.”

“Jalen is so attractive.”
by julyingtome February 29, 2020
A Jalen has can be described in 2 words... DAT NIGGA
Jalen really do be dat nigga doe
Tall, Baller whos sexy as fuckkkk. One of the coolest people you will ever meet. Super touchy and flirty. He will make for a wonderful friend, but an even betterrr boyfriend. He is the kinda person that will make you smile... and keep you happy if you were his :) If you find a Jalen, NEVER let him go. Hes amazing. ♥
Did you see that couple?
Yeah, that girl is lucky... it looks like she has a Jalen!
by Cassandrahhh November 23, 2011
a cool, yet geeky person who is AWESOME.
I want to be a Jalen!
by Jayballaaa September 9, 2008
Huge dick chubby, nice, athletic, and has the best hugs. He is a loyal and nice person to talk to. He's also a great kisser and is good in bed.
by -**| March 15, 2017