Another way of saying screw you, fuck you, etc.

Can also be used as, "Up your ass."
Guy #1: Your girlfriend is ugly as butt.
Guy #2: Up your butt, man.
by rokutani May 31, 2007
It basically means: "Why are you so mean/angry/salty today?" In my understanding...
"Go away," he said angrily.
"Jeesh! What's up your butt today?"
by Can_u_not January 7, 2016
A derogatory comment that is akin to telling someone to shove a coconut up their bunghole.
Petee - "Up your butt with a coconut"

Johnson - "Igbyab (I'm gonna beat yo' ass beotch)!"
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD April 3, 2007
Say quickly so as to be reminiscent of "Jabba The Hutt". A Proctologist.
Since I am over 40, I have to see "Jab up your butt" every 5 years.
Where just about everything in the world is.
Person 1: hey man where's the remote?

Person 2: up your butt and around the corner
by scipio076 December 16, 2010
Smart ass remark made mostly by grade schoolers. Usually in response to a "where" question, but sometimes used by losers just to get attention.
by jojo December 23, 2004