Meaning some has used or would like to use an illicit substance out of a small plastic bag. Can be shortened to UTB
Pazza looks at Murph and Macca and says Up The Bag, then they all wander off to the bedroom together
by Jungle Ruler January 8, 2013
Let’s fuck up a bag today? I’m trying to fuck up a bag
by Moët Mills November 17, 2017
1. Euphemism for 'pitch a tent', or to get an erection
2. To crash at a friends apartment
1. "Wow, John really put up a bag over Heather's tits eh?"
2. "I'm slithered... Can I put up a bag at yours tonight man?"
by Ess Boyer December 6, 2011
To consume all of the contents of a full bag of illegal drugs in one sitting
Later bro, Imma head home to fuck up a bag in a minute
by Bonroid March 22, 2018
A term used in the 80s meaning to drink, get drunk or on a bender.
"Fuck man, I got so gowed up last night, I blacked out."

"You do that every pay-day, you friggin' gow-bag."

"Dave is pretty pissed off at his gf, he is on a gow ."

gow, gowed up, gow-bag
by T-bag February 18, 2013
A term made popular by the-dream (an american hip-hop artist) describing the hand bag a man buys his wife or girlfriend after he is caught cheating. This can come from a variety of designers, but it should be quite expensive, to save the relationship.
"She said, If you don't wanna break up, then you know what to do to make up....drop five stacks on that make up bag." -The-dream
by quignugget May 11, 2010