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'Up the boro'. A term used in Middlesbrough which has evolved from local football slang to something which generally means something good. Used mostly at the end of sentences expressing ones joy. Can be changed to UTFB (up the fucking boro) if feeling slightly more joyful.
Lad 1: I see Jonny pulled that fat lass at the Bongo last night. UTB.

Lad 2: Aye well played, UTFB!
by Mendieta18 June 06, 2012
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A hot chick walks in the look at your bud and say UTB. Meaning you'd love to shove your meat right up her arse. Of course if your Girl asks you say it stands for Your the best.
by J.F. February 13, 2003
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Abbreviation: You're the Best.

Often used on Skype, MSN, iChat, and GoogleChat.
Thanks for the phone, U.T.B.
by Willzers April 06, 2010
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UTB is a term used by retarded football fans who are under the huge misconception that Sheffield United will ever get promoted, of if by some sort of clerical mistake they do, stay there. It's used by utter utter bellends who were unable to leave shit banter in the playground. They tend to use it nonsensically at the end of sentences, and have homosexual tendencies.
Dave: Looking forward to the Football tonight!
John: I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems UTB!
Dave: Yeah, I'm going to watch the game on my own tonight.
by Steve Bliss May 01, 2012
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Up The Bracket- First album by the Libertines. Not on the bracket- that is different.
Yo, you like on the bracket?
No, but I like Up The Bracket- UTB.
by lucille jackowski September 16, 2005
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