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A complete winner. They never lose at anything they do and will always triumph over the competition.
Kelly is such an Unwin. Theres no way anyone can beat her.
by Unwinner December 13, 2009
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Someone who has such an over inflated opinion of themselves that they appear utterly ridiculous to other people. Often associated with being an utter gimp.
1. Ever since i had sex i've been a bit of an unwin.
2. He's a complete prick, a complete fucking unwin.
3. He hasn't only been a mehigan recently he's also been an unwin.
by Maxim Hind May 10, 2005
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To unfollow someone on Twitter, specifically for Tweet spam. Can be informally extended to Facebook and the like.
He won't stop corporate whoring for that contest on his Twitter, so I'm going to un-win him.
by El Guapo Chupacabras March 24, 2009
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Any creature behaving or thinking in any similar way to a Neko.

The opposite of win.

The arch enemy of the Winicorn and its cohorts.

Neko is so unwin!

Neko is so unwin that we had to banish her from the world of win.
by tomosonohomo August 20, 2010
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