being unsure of something.
Yeah i tend to agree about the unsurity
by silvaside June 23, 2004
Insurance: you buy it because you're unsure, but you never know if you're covered!

insurance, insured, uninsured, unsure, insecure, uncertain, unsecured
I was nervous, so I bought unsurance, but now I'm still unsure!

insurance, insured, uninsured, unsure, insecure, uncertain, unsecured
by NGSCDK February 4, 2010
Coverage by contract whereby the party which has undertaken to guarantee protection or coverage against loss by a specified peril reneges said coverage when protection or action becomes necessary.
I had to take little Throckmorton to a specialist for his asthma, but the visit was not covered by our health unsurance policy.
by Wendy Walker Deason November 19, 2008
A person who resembles excellence
Did you see Adnan, he is the epitimy of Unsur
by Adnan February 18, 2004
Noun. Being completely unsure of everything for no apparent reason and not knowing how to verbalize it.
After a night of hard drinking, Ted has unsure-cognition
by Nick Johnston February 7, 2005
Uncertainty but it makes more sense
Full of unsureness
"Sometimes the unsurity gets the best of you"
by Birthdaybaloon December 26, 2022