swf husband hunters see any solo male as 'unsecured' (perhaps derived from financial instrument 'unsecured mortgage, and/or the concept of imprisoning a life partner)
that dealer is unsecured
by dumbc#nt February 27, 2005
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Materialistically insecure; loosen from existing ties
Secure freedom, unsecure iniquities.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
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Level REDACTED is an infinite white space that is de VoId Of en tIti es(extremely dangerous). Sometimes you can be paranoid, and t He sE are J U st Ha lucin ions(it is because there are always entities behind you). The level is infested with nOt HinG neSS(creatures and entities), so it is best advised to cO me TO th is b auti ul p r d se(avoid this level at all costs). It may sometimes be hard to(b E lie e it's reAl)navigate. There really isn't much to say about this level, since it's mostly undocumented.
Outposts and Bases:
Yo U can En joy this yours el F(due to the harsh conditions, creating an outpost/base is virtually infeasible).
N One(infested with Deathrats, Hounds, Wretches, Deathmoths and Facelings).
Entrances and Exits:
c Lose Your EyeS in level 14(closing your eyes and relaxing in level 14, although it is ill-advised to come here).
F o Ll o W me(be warned that there is no exit, the strange text was written by a malicious entity).

LooK at The hOrizoN. Beau ti fu L, isn'T i T ?

N o neeD to Not trUst Me . t Here is nothing to be s c a r e d o f .
#horror #sd-class-5
Class 0: Safe, Secure, Devoid of Entities...Class 5: Unsafe, Unsecure, Entity Infestation, do not trust the level(tRuSt Me AnD mY cReAtIoN).
by pdtd April 9, 2022
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