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The art of the absurd. A style separate and absolute, above all others, but under as well. Leveling at a place so incredible and downright ridiculous and maddening that it all begins to make sense and is driven right through your skull.

A more dramatic variation of absurdism.
That piece of art's style could be classed as unrealism, with its peculiar usage of humans with beast heads, and flowers with faces.
by GothicGoatHorse February 19, 2018
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A style of art that represents realistic objects and/or events, visually not meant to be as exact as Realism, but more detailed or defined than Primitivism. It is color and texture that gives the painting its meaning and even though these same components could be considered somewhat Surrealistic in nature; the overall intent is to present things as they mostly appear.
My style of painting is that of unrealism; the landscapes are primarily about color and texture. You may think of it as the land of Faux...often inhabited by simple well meaning creatures.
by Lisapaints October 05, 2011
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A view of the world where you're just like damn... This is unreal. Where the problems of the world have ceased to exist and all that is left is utter bliss.
How can TimE just spend all day doing the same boring things.

Jen... Really?

How can you decide what's boring for another person. The unrealism he lives in actually seems rather tempting.
by "missing link" August 03, 2016
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