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The ultimate comeback, it will instantly decintigrate all those who hear it and will send the person the comeback is used upon to the shadow realm
Timmy: your mom gay.
Anthony : your dad lesbian.
Timmy: *plays uno reverse*
Anthony: *endlessly wanders the shadow realm*
by TheRoastyBoi March 29, 2018
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A card used in the game uno. Also used in arguments to counter the insult back at the speaker. The uno reverse is even more powerful then no u
Steve: Ur mom gay
Mark: Uno reverse
Steve: *every atom in his body explodes*
by Uno Reverse May 13, 2018
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When 69ing with your girlfriend pull out right before you ejaculate and reverse her onto her back. Then go in her hair and if your lucky she will not be able to get the sperm out.
My girlfriend was annoying me so I used the Uno reverse on her then broke up with her. It was so funny she had to shave her hair because the sperm wouldn't go out.
by Levi_362 May 21, 2019
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An ancient artifact wielded by the gods. Can reverse any insult on man. It’s only weakness is the β€œno u”
Person 1: Ur mom gay.
Person 2: no u
Person 1: *uno reverse*
by A_Cristmasfied_Walmart November 07, 2019
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