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Sofie is a Dutch name derived from the French "Sophie" which itself is derived from the Greek "Sophia". Both meaning "wisdom".

A gorgeous name which reflects the beauty of the the name bearer itself.

Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. They are caring, loving, faithful, affectionate, great lovers, clever, cute.
Once you get to know her, she will have a special place in your heart. Never leaving it.
When she hugs you, you have the feeling you never want it to end. These hugs almost feel like magic.
Seeing her immediately makes your day, her eyes and cute little face put a smile on yours.

If you find yourself to be in a relationship with a Sofie, count yourself lucky.
Treasure it, love her with all your heart because she deserves every little bit.
She's the one girl that you'll always love and remember.
beautiful loving caring cute adorable sofie
by CaFiMi April 17, 2013
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by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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Sofie’s are amazing! Always thinking of others first. She has feelings for everyone and tries to make sure they are not left out. She loves parties and hanging out with her friends. She’s the happiest when she’s with them. They usually have blue or green eyes and any brownish hair. They are beautiful inside and out and will never leave your side. She is definitely obsessed with boys but can’t seem to find one for herself. She loves dance and singing but HATES reading. She never usually cares about her grades but passes anyway. She finds the best friends and always sticks with them. When it comes to drama Sofie will always try to sort it out. If you ever meet a Sofie you should become her friend right away.
Sofie is amazing. You should be her friend!
by Emma Wall April 10, 2019
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beautiful woman, usually unexplainably hot.
DAMN that chick is a SOFIE!
Look at da booty on that sofie!
by sweeeeetladay February 19, 2011
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a cool girl. she's probably shook 24/7. she hates country music.
omg sofie is so shooooook!
by edgybeetch September 27, 2017
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shes totally funky, awesome, a little edgy, funny, shy, cool, and unique! shes got her own little pack of friends and is fine with not being the popular one. she is sporty and fast and will proboably be found playing soccer. at first she may seem odd but getting to know sofie is proboably one of the best decisions you will ever make! this girl is funky, punk, awesome, cute, and totally wicked!
>OMG! its sofie! dang she is so cool! i wish i was friends with her
>im friends with sofie! shes rad! totally the best!
by degrassigurl17 April 17, 2011
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This person is a emotionally wreck, but will never burden someone with their struggles. A sofie may appear shy, not social, and bit special. She most likely is all three things, but never point is out as she is very aware of these issues.

Sofies are the lonely kind, unlucky, sad. But will always try to appear ok, and often succeed. These person is also a keeper, they are faithful, will always try to make you smile and got good qualities.
Do you find a Sofie, don't let her get scared and make her run away. Get her get comfortable and make her know you can be trusted , and she will be yours always.
Bruh.. I think I just met an amazing sofie.
by pineapple September 16, 2014
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