Outstanding university. Usually gets rated as the number one party school in the nation. Full of very beautiful women and great sports teams. When the weather is nice, it is one of the best places on earth.
"you went to Madison?"
"damn, you are lucky. I bet your classes were full of beautiful women, you partied ever night, your basketball and football teams kicked ass and you got a great job when you graduated"
by George Meredith March 26, 2005
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Well-respected public university, a public "ivy", with an eccentric, mostly liberal student body and world-renowned faculty. A wide range of eclectic areas of study available, and excellent sports. Also known as a big party school, with infamous annual Halloween riots and summer block parties,
Top-rated undergraduate and graduate programs. Big Ten.
by Badgerfan June 27, 2005
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A "public ivy league" school for douche bags, who think that admittance to this school automatically means they are the most brilliant people to walk the planet. Really the only admission standard is arrogance. If you have a near Kanye West arrogance level, welcome to UW-Madison!

Overly hyped with not much to back it up, there are better schools than this one; unless of course you are looking to develop a alcoholism. Then you are in the right place.

The campus is poorly laid out, with building scattered all over downtown Madison. The class sizes are ridiculous, and forget about having professors that actually give a damn. Madison itself is a very pretentious city. Filled with "arty" wannabe's and liberals. Really Madison, let's get over our fascination with State Street- which is just a bunch of overpriced stores and overpriced "ethnic" restaurants; and let's not forget the endless number of homeless people that line the streets. It's a hippies dream!
He goes to UW-Madison?

Yeah, he's a really douche bag.
by ThomThom22 February 16, 2009
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Large public University establishedd in the 1850s. It is a land grant University with numerous lakes,arboretums, forests and nature paths. There are currently 40,000 students with 30,00 undergraduates. The school mascot is Bucky the Badger. Go Badgers! Located in Wisconsin's capital, Madison, the school attracts students and faculty from around the coutry and some parts of the world who are lookingg for an englightened, liberal, and dynamic atmosphere. A tour de force of higher learning and the number one party school in the country:)
I went to UW Madison for four and 1/2 years and all I got was a piece of paper and a drinking problem.
by meta4 August 09, 2006
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