The absolute hottest dorm on the USC campus (and USC is a seriously hot campus). Low profile, but nonetheless filled with SC's finest hard core partiers, rich whores, and overall insanely gorgeous people. Do not come to parkside, unless you want to see how inadequite you are.
Person (not from parkside): I saw those Parkside bitches, and now I realize how much I suck. I'm gonna kill myself.
by WestCoastLisa January 23, 2006
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ghetto apartment complex in decoto, ca where gangsters meet up
rich snob: "man i donut want to go to parkside apartments"
decoto gangster: "lets go egg some bitches"
by diaperbabybrother June 7, 2017
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the shit of delco. full of white trash bitches.
hey im gonna be over in Parkside, PA for the night, good thing im wearing my bullet proof vest.
by phoodslut February 7, 2010
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A lesser known campus in the UW public school system, the University of Wisconsin Parkside was founded back in 1968. It's one of the newest UW schools, and because of that it is greatly under appreciated by the majority of the state. Unlike schools such as UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee, UW-Parkside hasn't had a chance to establish it's reputation as a quality and worth-while school to attend, so many people use it as a fall back option. However, Parkside is a fantastic school with a diverse campus.
Greg's parent's weren't thrilled when the only school he was accepted to was University of Wisconsin Parkside, but four years and a bachelors degree later, they realized he had been in good hands.
by Quite Contrary September 18, 2009
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Home of the Worlds Worst Division 2 Baseball Program. Once Head Coached by the Great Jarvis Brown with the Assistantance of Pitching Coach John Pulera Career ERA of 67. Brown Compiled a record of 14-73 in his three year tenure which was cut short due to Irreconsilable difference. If you ever come to Kenosha, Stay away from the Hell that is 900 Wood road
Frank: Hey i got a baseball scholarship to University of Wisconsin Parkside
John: Wow, That's like being the Tallest Midget.
by Jon Klienmeyer June 24, 2010
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