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A conglomeration of more than one posse. Whereas a posse is a single crew or gang, a mosse contains more than one posse. A mosse is typically formed to acheive a short-term objective - typically to counter the immediate threat of an invading foreign mosse or posse or to protect mosse members while traveling to foreign hoods.

The term mosse grew out of the need for smaller crews to join together to protect themselves. The term mosse was reserved to describe the temporary combination of multiple possies. Especially useful during the teenage years of inner city residents as it provided security to those surrounded by an insecure environment and circumstance.
You gonna need a whole posse, a mosse or more" quoted from Special Ed's 1989 rap song "Think about it
by Lord Ruler March 12, 2011
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A mini posse; consisting of less then ten people that roll with you, with the safeties off.
Rollin to the spot with my mosse.

Call up the mosse to see if they want to chill.
by Cuzzy Heido December 04, 2010
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not quite a mob, bigger than a posse.
"man im lovin this party yeh, my crew all here, we're on some mosse shit."
by thom1237 October 26, 2008
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