A negative term used by straight couples looking to save their dying relationship by searching for a third for a threesome.

Called a “unicorn” as it’s rare anyone would be willing to subject themselves to that volatile mess they call a relationship.

Unlike an open relationship or a polyamourous relationship, which can be used to positively describe a relationship involving romantically and/or sexually more than two people, a unicorn is someone who will be used by the couple who don’t care about what happens to the third in the slightest.

If someone asks you to be their unicorn, RUN!
“Did you hear? Stacy and Mark went looking on Tinder for a woman to be their unicorn!”
“Because this is the fourth time Stacy caught him cheating and is desperately looking for something to save their relationship.”
“Do you think it’ll work?”
“Hell no!”
by Peculiar-Person September 27, 2020
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1.) The act of taping a vibrator/dildo , to your head and then proceding to fuck your parnter up the ass or vagina. This method is commonly used to try something new or with a guy that cant hold an erection.

2.) A mythical horse with wings and a horn, comonlly seen in fairy tales
1.) Woman 1: Last night, Kyle gave me a unicorn with my favorite vibrator,it was soo good.

Woman 2: Wow that sounds hot.

2.) Teacher (reading a book): And the prince and the unicorn lived happily ever after.
by 5t5o5r5y5 May 09, 2009
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Girl with colored hair who, despite not having one, acts like a huge dick.
Don't need with the UNICORN, you'll get the horn.
by NeonGhostWolf December 02, 2019
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Horses with a horn on their head which are often seen in fictional stories.
They only let pure maidens ride them.
This leads to their other name "horny horses with a virgin fetisch"
Girl: I want to see a Unicorn
*mouth watchers at the thought of a little girl riding it*
Come over here you can ride me all night
by Fredzillian November 20, 2019
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